French Music & Art School

in Phnom Penh


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The team



Ocarina's team is composed of passionate and qualified French professionals.








    Claire started to play the music at age 3 and pursued her piano studies until she obtained her Musical Studies diploma at the Conservatory of Paris. Her music studies were a whole world tour, with successively French, Chinese, Corean, Vietnamese and Russian teachers. Thanks to the variety of their pedagogies, Claire started to create her own material for her classes.


    After her arrival in Cambodia in 2012, she volunteered and taught the piano for two years until she realized that there wasn't any music curriculum offer which combined instrument practice and the discovery of Music theory and Culture in Phnom Penh.


    She decided to create Ocarina and offer children an access to a complete quality music curriculum.  Fascinated by children's ability to naturally absorb music, she likes to nurture their curiosity with sensory activities. To design her unique music curriculum and material, she gets her inspiration from her own experience, from exchanges of practice in Anglo-Saxon music teachers networks, from the French Federation of Music Teaching curriculums (FFEM), all that combined to alternative pedagogies.


    Claire now simply enjoys focusing on what inspires her the most: music and children!





                                           Director of Communications

    Remi is a lover of graphic arts. After his studies in Graphic Communication at Estienne School (one of the three art schools of Paris) and in Digital Illustration at Paris 13 University, he spent 5 years working in the world of performing arts in Paris as a webdesigner. He creates Ocarina in 2013 with Claire.


    Everyday, Remi brings his creative touch and his passion for arts and design to Ocarina, whether it is by creating Ocarina's visual identity, setting up pedagogical material or by teaching workshops!




                                           Drum and guitar teacher

    Anthony's flourish for music began as a little boy, after a music discovery class during which he tried several instruments. He chose to give the drum a try...


    After a musical high school, Anthony studied the Jazz curriculum of the Regional Conservatory of Chambery, before choosing a city of wider influence : Lyon. Passionate about music, and above all about Jazz, he decided to drop his bags in Cambodia (after his very first flight!) and joined Ocarina team in October 2015.


    When not teaching at Ocarina, Anthony can be found anywhere in Phnom Penh exploring musical scenes with his drum sticks of guitar.