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2 to 5 years old


6 to 24 months old

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Group sessions

Duration : 1h

Semester or Year commitment



"Imagine and create"


Your child likes to assemble, create 3D art works with all that’s found? This class is the perfect match!


During each session, our art teacher will offer a wide range of sculpture possibilities. Children will enjoy experiment in a space where they will have to think with their hands, feel the materials and visualize in 3D.


They will also discover major artists in order to understand various techniques of sculpture such as carving, moulding and assembling.

Group of children during a relaxing time during yoga class at Ocarina School.
Child during a yoga class at Ocarina School.
Group of children doing yoga at Ocarina School.

What are the benefits?


  Imagination and creativity


   Sculpture techniques


   Shapes and volumes


French Music & Art

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