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Ocarina is installed in a traditional wooden house, specially refitted into adapted spaces:


On the ground floor, a bright and open room provides a safe lively space that is safe. Every morning, it welcomes our younger participants at our day Nursery. In the afternoon, it is the older's turn to enjoy this space during their Theatre and Yoga classes.


The Piano and Music classes room is an engaging room composed of a piano, a large table and a cosy corner that children can appropriate throughout the year.

Here is the music room and the yoga and theater space of Ocarina School.
Here is nursery and it's different living spaces of Ocarina School.
Here is the art room of Ocarina School.

On the first floor, our two music rooms host Guitar, Drum and Music Discovery classes.


The Art room, with its giant easel, calls for young artists to explore their creativity without worrying about making a mess!


Waiting for their activity or their parents, your young ones will seat back in our comfortable library and discover our selection of more than a hundred books.

Here is the library of Ocarina School.
Child reading in the library of Ocarina School.
Here is the terrace of Ocarina School.

Parents also have their place at Ocarina : on our terrace, you will enjoy sipping a coffee or a tea while your children have fun at their activity.


French Music & Art

School in Phnom Penh

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