French Music & Art

School in Phnom Penh

Our approach



As the first French-speaking after-school center in Phnom Penh, Ocarina provides musical, artistic and cultural enrichment programs for children up to age 17, through age and developmentally appropriate classes, workshops, camps and parties.


A warm and welcoming school


By creating Ocarina, we wanted to create a place where children feel as comfortable as at home, where they can put colors in their music and harmony in their paintings, and where they can joyfully meet.


In this welcoming and cosy environment, all the children, parents and teachers know each other. Children are introduced to a supportive social environment in which to learn with interest. They are guided in their creative process through encouragement of original self-expression and self-confidence.



Quality of our programs


To promote each child's unique expression and discovery of the joy of art, we believe it is important to provide them with all the best tools toward independence and curiosity. They are encouraged to make their own creative choices and work at their own pace. To ensure this, all our team members are experimented in teaching and qualified in their field. In partnership with external teachers and professionals, we keep spotting new interesting and pedagogical activities to complete our offer.


Our Music Department is a member of the French Federation of Music Teaching (FFEM), which is the Federation gathering all French Music Conservatories and Foreign French music schools.


French Music & Art

School in Phnom Penh

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