French Music & Art

School in Phnom Penh


2 to 5 years old


6 to 24 months old

Music curriculum:

Piano - Guitar - Drum - Saxophone - Singing


Private lessons and Group workshops

Age : from 6 years old

Duration per week : 1h45 (private lesson + group workshop)

Semester or Year commitment



"Learning through playing"


Our music lessons are especially designed to each child's level and needs. We have a comprehensive and complete approach, unique in Phnom Penh and inspired from the high standard curriculum of French Conservatories.


Like grammar when learning a language, we think that solid musical basis are important in learning to play a musical instrument. At Ocarina, your children will play their instrument and understand what they play through enjoyable and creative activities.


At the end of each semester, children will perform in a show organized for parents! A lively way to nurture your children's passion!


Our curriculum is composed every week of:


  A private instrument lesson


   A group Music Culture workshop during which they will learn music theory,

      composition, History and singing.


   A children's choir or a group music session (optional)


We invite our musicians to play with more autonomy and pleasure.

Child playing the piano at Ocarina school during the piano classes.
Child playing the guitar at Ocarina school during the guitar classes.
Child playing the drum at Ocarina school during the drum classes.

What are the benefits ?


   Instruments techniques


   Sense of rhythm


   Group playing and listening attention


   Body coordination






Accompanied by a certified piano teacher, children learn to be actors of their learning. They get familiar with the instruments' notes and learn its techniques. They are encouraged to nurture their sensitivity and express their choice of interpretation. They enrich their musical culture knowledge with various music genres.


Each session involves a voice warm-up, a work on a music piece and a creation activity at the end (composition, improvisation, rhythm activity...).





Under the guidance of a qualified drum teacher, your children will discover how to understand and reproduce rhythms. They will progressively learn to coordinate their body and produce more sophisticated phrases.


As soon as they are ready, they will have the opportunity to play in group with other students of the school and work on a variety of different music genres.



Guitar & Bass Guitar


As a mean of expression, instruments enable children to release their musical sensitivity. Accompanied by our qualified French teacher, children learn how to play the guitar, read notes and tablatures, and create a music repertoire to discover the various styles of music. They also get introduced to harmony, work on rhythms and learn to write music.

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