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2 to 5 years old


6 to 24 months old

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Group sessions

Duration : 1h

Semester or Year commitment



"Create our own world"


Turned toward drawing techniques, this class is dedicated to children who like to draw and would like to have keys to develop their approach.


Each session will be the occasion to discover a new academic aspect of drawing. With the guidance of our art teacher, they will be introduced new possibilities all along the year: perspective, proportions, drawing with models etc… all that with the use of multiple tools.


This class permits the acquisition of basics of drawing and graphic techniques, as well as being immersed in History of arts.

Group of children during a relaxing time during yoga class at Ocarina School.
Child during a yoga class at Ocarina School.
Group of children doing yoga at Ocarina School.

What are the benefits?


  Imagination and creativity


   Drawing techniques


   Expression and self-confidence


French Music & Art

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