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We are a team of professionals offering a wide range of musical, artistic and cultural activities for children. Whether you are a school or a company, we can work on the right activity suitable to your needs. Contact us for further details and quotation !


They have trusted us :


Special Events :


   Children’s activities at Cabaret Restaurant Easter Brunch : Face Painting,

       creation of funny instruments, art activities


   Children’s corner at WIG Christmas Fair 2015/2016/2017 (200 children -

      10:00am/5:00pm) : 5 artistic and musical activities for children on the theme of Christmas

      accessible the whole day!


   Children’s corner at AEFC (Association d’Entraide des Français à l’Etrangers)

      Christmas Fair 2016/2017 (70 children - 10:00am - 5:00pm) : A day of 3 creative

      activities in free access.


   Spring Fair 2016/2017 : Discovery of music instruments, all day Art classes, face

       painting, games


Partnerships with schools and institutions


   EFI (Ecole Française Internationale) : Circus after-school activity, Holiday artistic camps,

      PESMA program (music interventions in Kindergarten classes for the preparation

      of a performance)


   Lycée Français René Descartes : Holiday artistic camps


   NIRA preschool : PESMA program (music intervention in kindergarten classes)

      - school year 2017-2018


   Play Space Montessori school : PESMA program (music and art interventions

      in Kindergarten classes) - school year 2018-2019


   French Institute of Phnom Penh : Monthly artistic and cultural workshop, monthly

      Storytelling workshop


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