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Birthday Parties



Tailored to your needs

Duration : on Sunday 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Age : 3-11 years old

Group : 6 to 15 children


A birthday party at Ocarina!


A birthday party at Ocarina is a unique festive afternoon, full of excitement, during which Ocarina is specially reserved for your child.


Gather a decorated house, surprises all along the party, a tasteful cake and fun creative activities : it is on for 3 hours of laughs and an unforgettable celebration time!


According to the choice of the King/Queen of the party, we offer collective painting, music or theater workshops that are tailor-made for you child and its friends.


The cake moment is then scheduled with a homemade delicious cake decorated by the children, and fun fruit skewers, fresh drinks and many surprises!




Kindergarten (3-5 years old)

      6 to 8 children - 1 counselor: $200

      9 to 14 children - 2 counselors: $252


Elementary (6-11 years old)

      6 to 10 children : 1 counselor: $200

      11 to 15 children : 2 counselors: $252


How to book a Birthday Party?


   Choose between our activities the ones that will please your child (2 max)


   - Painting: A unique moment of friendliness and creation, around a fresco painted by all

             the children and offered to the birthday star!

   - Theater: With fun exercises and impro games, this activity will make all the friends laugh.

             Nothing is better to unite a group and surprise each other!

   - Music: A session of musical, rhythmic and dancing games, all in a good mood and festive


   - "Boum" Party (from 7 years old): Thanks to the playlist of his/her favorite music

             that your child will provide us with, the happy tribe will have a blast dancing

             in a "dancing party" ambiance, while our counselor(s) propose all kinds of rhythm

             and dancing fun games!


  Send us your pre-booking request by filling out the following contact form

      We will contact you back to confirm that your date is available and set up an appointment

      with you.


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