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2 to 5 years old


6 to 24 months old

Baby & Parent Music Awakening



Group sessions

Duration : 45 min

Semester or Year commitment


"First steps into music"


Musical awakening is a discovery, an experimentation of sounds, objects and instruments. Under the guidance of our certified music teacher, the objective is to stimulate babies' musical senses, as well as develop their critical thinking, concentration and attention.


After warming up the body on a swinging music through a few steps in rhythm, the teacher sings lullabies to babies gesturing with her hands and fingers, in order to stimulate their imagination. Then, babies discover and manipulate instruments for their greatest joy: small percussions, whistles, flutes ...

What are the benefits ?


   Development of sensory awareness


   Communication and social interactions


   Soothing time for babies' well-being


   Quality moment to connect parents and babies

How to register   

Child playing the piano at Ocarina school during the piano classes.
Child playing the guitar at Ocarina school during the guitar classes.
Child playing the drum at Ocarina school during the drum classes.


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